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Online suppliers of cheap, quality office chairs and office furniture including draughtsman chairs, executive leather office chairs, operator and computer chairs, mesh and 24 hour office chairs which are suitable for call centres.

Many of our chairs are available on a next day delivery (subject to stock). We also offer a range of chairs and draughtsman chairs that can be made to order and upholstered in a fabric of your choice. Various options, mechanisms and other additions for these chairs are available to make a truely bespoke office chair.

We also supply a range of factory chairs, industrial seating, polyurethane chairs, ESD and draughtsman chairs suitable for a range of environments including use for factory, laboratory and micro-electronic applications. We offer the largest range of draughtsman chairs which can also be made bespoke to suit your requirements. We also offer an embroidery service to have your company name or logo embroidered into the fabric of the chair.

Located near Birmingham, West Midlands, Relax Office Furniture deliver nationally throughout the UK. The cheapest on the internet or we will endeaver to beat any cheaper price found on like for like products.

Delivery throughout UK mainland.

Office Chairs UK

office chairs uk The history of chairs is as long as the history of man. We quickly learned that sitting off the floor is more comfortable than on it. The history of the office chair is a relatively new branch or subset of this story. Before the 19th century most businesses were small family run affairs, and the emphasis was on working at the business, with little need for administrative staff. Before rail transportation systems began to create more need for an office staff that could handle accounting and communication issues, there were no such items as brown leather office chairs or mesh office chairs like we see today. Strangely enough, one of the people who had a hand in developing chairs specifically designed for the office environment was Charles Darwin. He is credited with putting wheels on a chair to make it easier for him to shuttle back and forth between his large collections of animal specimens.

Business owners soon began to realise that their staff could become more productive if the furniture in the office was designed and built with consideration for the specific activities being executed by the staff. Employers started to accept the fact that chairs could be designed that would allow their employees to be able to work at their stations for longer periods of time if their chairs and other furniture were adjustable to the user. Thomas Warren, an American inventor, designed and built the centripetal spring armchair in 1849 and is generally credited with being the originator of today's multiple array of office chair designs.

Luxury Office Chairs

luxury office chairs One of the emerging developments related to the computer age has seen the increasing popularity of the home office. Computers and the internet have allowed more business people to do many of their administrative activities from just about any location. Today, many people have a home office where they spend at least part of their time working. As a result, items such as home office chairs have become very popular. At Relax Office Chairs, we carry a complete line of home office business products. Whether you are looking for a luxury level office chair to complement the other furniture in your home or just want a functional and comfortable chair to use at your desk, we have the right chair and desk ensemble for your taste and budget.

When you shop for an office chair for your home office, it is important to make sure you are getting a chair that will meet your needs. With so many innovations in office chair ergonomic, you will want to make your purchase from a company that can offer professional expert advice on your purchase. Relax Office Chairs will be happy to assist you with the different orthopaedic and ergonomic adjustments and features that are unique to chair models. You will likely spend more time in your office chair than anywhere else over a period of several years. For that reason alone, it is important to make the right choice so that the chair you purchase is comfortable and compatible with your work environment.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chair Since 2008, Relax Office Furniture has been providing our customer base with the finest office furniture at the lowest price. We know that you have a lot of choices when considering office furniture and we strive to maintain our business relationships by providing the highest possible level of customer service in addition to the most complete line of office chairs and furniture anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking for a large purchase of computer office chairs for a call centre or just want to replace that cheap cream office chair at your desk in your home, we will strive to provide you with excellent product quality at the cheapest price possible. If you find a similar chair or desk somewhere else at a cheaper price, we will match or better that price. We also understand that delivery and lead times are often important to our customers. If an office renovation or move is taking place, we understand that each item needs to be delivered within a time window to accommodate your project timeline.Relax Office Furniture ensures the highest quality products by only partnering with the leading suppliers of office furniture. We carry most of the most popular brands and then we discount those products to bring you the lowest priced office furniture anywhere. So if you are in need of 500 chairs for a call centre or just want a comfortable leather chair for your home office, you will find the same level of attention and support from all of us at Relax Office Furniture.

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